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Technical specifications


Purging and bleeding

Electrical connection


Faults and remedies


EU Declaration of Conformity


These instructions are valid for all series named. They describe how to use the product safely and correctly during all operating phases.

Warning labels and symbols

General safety instructions

  1. Installation of pump must be performed by qualified personnel only.
  2. Keep the operating instructions and other applicable documents complete, in a legible condition and permanently accessible.
  3. Read the operating instructions and make sure you understand them before working on the pump.
  4. This circulator is suitable for drinking water only.
  5. Only operate the pump if it is in perfect technical condition; only use it as intended, staying aware of safety and risks, and adhering to the instructions in this manual.
  6. Before carrying out any installation or maintenance work, disconnect motor from power supply and ensure it cannot be reconnected unintentionally.
  7. This device can be used, cleaned or maintained by children aged from 8 years, by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental faculties as well as by persons with limited experience or lack of knowledge if they are under supervision or after they have been instructed for the safe use of the device and understand the resulting dangers. Children must not play with the device.

The BlueOne pump BWO 200 is a domestic hot water pump with a highly-efficient electronically commutated DC motor as drive source. It is built according to the original VORTEX spherical motor principle and contains a permanent magnetic rotor.

The BlueOne pump BWO 200 is suitable for compact pipe systems requiring an increased delivery flow (e.g. when having bigger pipe diameters).

  1. Pump
  2. Insulating cover for pump housing
  3. 2 gaskets
  4. Quick-Guide

Max. delivery head

1,3 mWS

Max. flow rate

1.500 l/h

Electr. connection

1~230 V / 50 Hz

Max. power consumption

14 W

Average power consumption

9,5 W

Max. fluid temperature

2 – 95 °C

Protection class


Water hardness


Dry run protection


Centre distance

140 mm

Thread connection

1" (external)

Careful! Damage to device caused by water intrusion.

  • After mounting, ensure that the cable entry or the cable is pointing downwards.
  • Choose suitable place of installation and correct pump orientation.

  • Make sure, that isolation valves and a check-valve (∆pmax = 0,2 kPa or 20mbar) are mounted.

  • Take care of strainless pump installation.
  • Look out for correct flow direction.

VORSICHT! Anlage unter Druck!

  • Vor Arbeiten an Motor- bzw. Pumpenverschraubung die Absperrventile schließen.
  • For turning the pump motor (cable outlet should show downwards) loosen M6-screws, …

  • … turn the pump motor, …

  • … then tighten the screws again
    (max. 5 Nm).

  1. Demounting the pump motor completely from pump housing is necessary only for reasons of maintenance (see chapter Servicing).  
  2. The pump is equipped with a dry run protection. A lack of water in the pump housing is recognised immediately by the pump electronics. Rotor run will be interrupted in order to avoid early wear of the rotor bearing. The rotor runs continuously in a circuit being completely vented.

Careful! Damage to bearing caused by dry-running!

  • Flush pipework thoroughly with water and bleed carefully.

VORSICHT! Anlage unter Druck!

  • Vor Arbeiten an Motor- bzw. Pumpenverschraubung die Absperrventile schließen.

VORSICHT! Verbrennungsgefahr durch heißes Wasser!

  • Direkten Kontakt mit austretendem heißen Wasser vermeiden.
  • Das Pumpengehäuse kann durch das heiße Fördermedium ebenfalls eine hohe Temperatur aufweisen.

  • For bleeding close the isolation valves.

  • Unscrew bleeder screw completely …

  • … then fix a HANDELSÜBLICHES drain valve with ¼“-thread connection.

  • Open isolation valve in front of pump inlet and bleed pump by opening the drain valve. Make sure, that return line gets completely vented.

  • Close isolation valve in front of pump inlet, unscrew drain valve, …

  • … then remount bleeder screw to pump housing.

  • Re-open isolation valves slowly.

  1. The drive of the pump is a DC motor.
  2. For AC operation a transformer is integrated in the module cap.
  3. Due to protection class 2 a protective conductor (ground wire) is not required.

Danger! Danger of electrocution!

  • Have all electrical work carried out by qualified personnel only. 
  • Disconnect motor from power supply and ensure it cannot be reconnected unintentionally.
  • Check if pump is de-energized.

Warning! Fire hazard due to electrical ignition!

  • Make sure that the pump is only connected to the power supply specified on the name plate.
  • A permanent power supply is possible, alternatively use a mains plug with IP 44 rating (provide isolator that separates all poles).
  • Rundkabeldurchmesser 5 – 8 mm
  • Cord diameter 0.75 – 1.5 mm2
  • Strip cords by 8.5 – 10 mm.
  • Twist wires (no wire end sleeves, no tinned ends).

  • Undo module cap with a Tx10 screwdriver.

  • Loosen the cap nut and insert cable.

  • Push forward the yellow lever, insert cable wires into red clamp, then release the yellow lever again.

  • Arrange the cable properly inside the module cap, then refasten the cap nut.

  • Refasten the module cap.

  • For final venting alternately turn the pump on and off …

  • … and open and close hot water tap several times …

  • … until noiseless pump run is achieved.

Danger! Danger of electrocution!

  • Disconnect motor from power supply and ensure it cannot be reconnected unintentionally.
  • Check if pump is de-energized.

Gefahr! Anlage unter Druck!

  • Vor Arbeiten an Motor- bzw. Pumpenverschraubung die Absperrventile schließen.

Warning! Danger of scalding through hot water!

  • Avoid direct contact with hot water.
  • Every time the motor is opened, replace the O-ring.
  • For servicing close the isolation valves.

  • Demount M6-screws completely.

  • Remove pump motor.

  • Carefully lift off the rotor.

  • Remove lime from rotor and rotor can using standard descaler. Eventually exchange rotor. Use smooth cleaning aids (cloth, brush, toothstick). Don‘t use hard, metallic devices.

  • Replace rotor on bearing pin.

  • Dispose of used O-ring.

  • Insert new O-ring into the pump housing and press slightly into place.

  • Remount pump motor.

  • Tighten M6-screws
    (max. 5 Nm).

The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin on the product or on the packaging means that this product has to be disposed of separately from householdwaste at a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of properly, you will help prevent potential negative effects for the environment and human health, which could be caused by inappropriate waste handling of EEE.

For more detailed information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

We, Deutsche Vortex GmbH & Co. KG, declare under our sole responsibility, that the pump BlueOne BWO 200 complies to relevant EU regulations, standards and specifications.

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