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High efficiency electronic circulators

Low Energy-Technology

L stands for Low, E stands for Energy. The 2-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor with a power consumption from 4 Watt makes heating comfort and money saving possible at the same time.

  The high efficiency electronic circulator recognises ­changing demands from the heating system and automatically matches the speed to the actual heat demand. This guarantees optimum efficiency at ­minimum energy consumption at any time.
  Switch on the automatic night setback at the touch of a button - the pump reduces its flow to a minimum, when the water temperature is considerably decreasing. Reheating the water in the morning is followed by an immediate stop of the night setback.
  The new HZ-LE 401 and HZ-LE 601 high efficiency electronic circulators from VORTEX already meet the stringent requirements of the European ErP Directive 2009/125/EC, which comes into force in 2015 (Commission Regulation (EC) No 622/2012).

The model HZ-LE 401 is one of the most efficient circulators and hits the “Best in Class” benchmark* easily (EEI 0.19). The higher powered HZ-LE 601 achieves an efficiency of EEI 0.22.


*The benchmark for the most efficient electronic circulators is
EEI 0.20. EEI = Energy Efficiency Index