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High efficiency electronic circulators


1 | Insulation shell

The insulation shell (as standard) is ideal for preventing heat losses through the pump housing.

2 | Pump housing

The pump housing is made of cast iron. Due to the maintained centre distance of 180mm, a trouble-free exchange with older Vortex pumps is guaranteed. The motor is secured to the pump housing by four bolts and may therefore be varied in its position.
Threaded fitting kits as accessories are available: Male thread G = 1 1/2" for pipe DN 25 or G = 2" for pipe DN 32.

3 | Hydraulic Component

Impeller, Rotor, Motor Shaft

Rotor shell, stator casing and sealing flange are made of stainless steel . The impeller is made of technopolymer. The graphite-installed motor shaft is made of ceramic and thus achieves a long service life.

4 | Electric Component


2-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor with overheat protection. No additional motor overload protection required. Automatic dry run recognition and automatic venting function.

Variable speed control

The high efficiency electronic circulator recognises ­changing demands from the heating system and automatically matches the speed to the actual heat demand. Three different control modes, each with up to three steps, can be selected:

Constant speed
Ideal for constant circulation (e.g. boiler charging) and accelerated venting.

Constant pressure
Ideal for floor heating
systems and air conditioning systems.

Proportional ­pressure
Ideal for radiator heating systems and air conditioning systems.

With the automatic night setback switched on, the pump reduces its flow to a minimum, when the water temperature is considerably decreasing.

All settings can be made by the touch of a button (One Touch Technology).

5 | Special plug

For quick electrical connection without opening the control box.