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Standard heating pumps

Layout of the heating pump

The figure shows standard heating pump HZ 401 - DN 25


1 | Pump Housing

The pump housing is made of cast iron. The motor is secured to the pump housing by four bolts and may therefore be varied in its position. 

Threaded fitting kits as accessories are available: Male thread G = 1 1/2" for pipe DN 25 or G = 2" for pipe DN 32.

2 | Hydraulic Components

Impeller, Rotor, Motor Shaft

The rotor shell, stator casing and sealing flange are made of stainless steel, the impeller is made of technopolymer. The graphite-installed motor shaft is made of stainless steel and thus achieves a long service life. A stainless steel ring integrated in the pump housing prevents the blocking of the motor shaft due to rust accumulation.

3 | Electric Components


All heating pumps are powered by a 2-pole blocking resistant asynchronous motor. There is no need for any additional overload protection. The motor coils correspond to Insulation Class F. The motors don't meet the ErP Directive 2009/125/EC.

4 | Control Box

The pump speed is regulated at the control box. The pumps have a 3-step speed regulation.

5 | Vent Screw

The vent screw is used to bleed the pump and to free the motor shaft after longer downtimes.