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Cost and energy savings

Optimum pump run-times minimize the consumption of energy. This is not achieveable with conventional pump controllers. » more

Self-learning ability of hot water tapping patterns

The pump learns taping habits automatically and provides hot water proactively (AUTOlearn technology). Information is transmitted directly from the cable box to the pump.

Comfort setting

Continuously variable from maximum saving of energy up to maximum comfort. We offer you the best possible predictive provision of hot water.

Protection against legionnaire’s disease

Automatic detection of a thermal disinfection run of the boiler. The pump then performs the thermal disinfection run throughout the whole circuit (AUTOlearn technology).

Simple installation

The temperature sensor can be mounted within just a few moments. Fix it with the cable clips - all done!

Further benefits from AUTOlearn technology:

  • Recognizes weekends and holidays
  • As it were remote control (on request: the pump starts to run after
    hot water is tapped)
  • Accelerated relearning if tapping pattern changes (e.g. winter / summer time)
  • Display of sensor malfunction
  • Reduced lime precipitation
  • Saves resources and protects the environment while offering optimum convenience