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BW 153 R 1/2" ERT

Electronic regulating thermostat.

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R 1/2"-pump housing

R 1/2" internal thread; non-return valve RV 153 and ­ball shut-off valve KV 150 have to be installed in addition.


Control module

Electronic regulating thermostat

Engagement temperature can be selected using continuously adjustable switch points between 35 °C - 90 °C, pump disengagement switch point approx. 7 °C above engagement temperature, with function display.

Shaftless spherical motor

The spherical motor does not feature a revolving bearing shaft, the stator transfers the magnetic field to the rotor located in the water-carrying part of the pump. The water-carrying part of the pump is hermetically separate from the stator by a spherical cap.

The rotor bearing is self-adjusting and lubricated by the medium. The rotor can be easily cleaned or replaced.

Technical Data

Max. delivery head1.25 m
Max. delivery rate640 l/h
Compression strength10 bar
Temperature resistance95°C
Pump housingbrass
Shaftless, blocking current
resistant spherical motor
Voltage230 V~/50 Hz
Power consumptionmax. 26 W
Protection classIP 42
Rotorstainless steel, noryl
Separating cap, bearing pinstainless steel

Pump graph


Designation Fitting Kit Order No.
BW 153 R 1/2" ERT - 411-220-060
BW 153 R 1/2" ERT 1/2" external x ø 15 internal - P15 411-220-068

The fittings are of red brass for drinking water installations with CU press-fit connections, for CU pipes according to DIN EN 1057, tested according to the DVGW-Worksheet GW 392 of the brands SANCO, WICU, of the KM Europa Metal AG, with DVGW test symbol.