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BWO 155 R Z

BlueOne-Series with timer.

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R 1/2"-pump housing

R 1/2" internal thread; insulating cover, non-return valve RV 153 and ­ball shut-off valve KV 150 have to be installed in addition.



Timer with 24-hour clock face, shortest increment: 30 minutes, operating states via timer, continuous running, off, with mode indicator.

One Touch Technology

One Touch technology on all pumps with control module. The benefit: All functions can be controlled at the touch of a button.

Cap or Control Modul

Pumps BWO 155 without a control module can be retrofitted with a control module by just replacing the cap.



The spherical motor does not feature a revolving bearing shaft, the stator transfers the magnetic field to the permanent magnetic rotor located in the water-carrying part of the pump. The water-carrying part of the pump is hermetically separate from the stator by a spherical cap.
The rotor bearing is self-adjusting and lubricated by the medium. The rotor can be easily cleaned or replaced.


Highly efficient electronically commutated direct current motor (ECM technology) with silky smooth operation.
Lower power consumption (2-7 W) but still strong (0.6 - 1.3 m)


Max. delivery head1.3 m
Max. delivery rate950 l/h
Compression strength10 bar
Temperature resistance95°C
Pump housingbrass


Shaftless, blocking current resistant spherical motor with ECM technology
Electrical connection1~115-230 V / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption

2.5–9 W

Speed range2.000 to 3.000 1/min
Protection classIP 44
Wetted partsstainless steel, noryl, EPDM

Certification mark

Pump graph

Designation Fitting Kit Order No.
BWO 155 R Z - 433-121-030
BWO 155 R Z 1/2" external x ø 15 internal - P15 433-121-038

The fittings are of red brass for drinking water installations with CU press-fit connections, for CU pipes according to DIN EN 1057, tested according to the DVGW-Worksheet GW 392 of the brands SANCO, WICU, of the KM Europa Metal AG, with DVGW test symbol.