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Overview of Components

The domestic hot water pump series BlueOne is equipped with a highly efficient electronically commutated DC motor (ECM technology). For AC operation a transformer is integrated in the cap.

The pumps are designed by Vortex’s original spherical motor principle.

1 | Insulating cover

Prevents from excessive cooling down. Fits V- and R-pump housing and is included with the delivery.

2 | Pump with R-pump housing

With R 1/2" internal thread. Non-return valve and ball shut-off valve have to be installed in addition.

3 | Pump with V-Pump housing

With R 1 1/4" external thread for cap fittings. Ball shut-off valve and non-return valve are already integrated as standard features. Also cap fittings are included with the delivery.

4 | Rotor

Contains a permanent magnet element.

The rotor is gimbal-mounted on a bearing pin which is fixed permanently to the spherical separator. This design has crucial advantages:

  • There is only one bearing point.
  • The bearing combination works without play.
  • The bearing-friction is very low.
  • No gaskets needed.

The rotor-bearing is self-adjusting and is lubricated by the flow medium. The rotor can be removed for cleaning.

5 | Spherical permanent magnet motor

The stator creates a rotating magnetic field. The rotor is driven due to its permanent-magnetic cove and pumps the water.

When pumps are equipped with motors fitted with cylindrical bearings, the bearings have to be ripped after long idle periods. This action is not necessary in pumps with spherical motors. The spherical motor therefore uses a lower level of electrical power and produces hardly any noise.

The electronically commutated DC motor (ECM technology) allows minimum power consumptions between 2.5 and 9 Watts. It produces hardly any noise.

6| Cap or control module

with speed control and hexagon socket screws.

Pumps BWO 155 without a control module can be retrofitted with a control module by just replacing the cap.

7 | Timer
  • For time adjustment of circulation
  • With 24-hour clock face
  • Smallest increment: 30 minutes
  • All settings via press buttons
  • Display of operation mode
  • Continuous operation and "Off" function
8 | Self-learning module
  • Learns tapping habits automatically and provides hot water proactively – AUTOlearn technology.
  • Information is transmitted directly from the cable box to the pump control
  • Ideal for single and two family houses
  • Option of 5 comfort settings (One Touch technology)
  • Display of operation mode
  • Display of sensor malfunction
  • Continuous operation and "Off" function
  • Automatic detection of disinfection runs
  • Automatic flushing after hot water has not been tapped for 24 hours.
9 | Electronic control thermostat
  • For thermal control of the circulation flow
  • Exact temperatures to the electronic (temperature sensor are located directly behind the water carrying part)
  • Switch-off temperature adjustable from 35˚C to 75˚C (One Touch technology)
  • Switch-on temperature 7 K below the switch-off temperature
  • Display of operation mode
  • Continuous operation and "Off" function.