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Overview of components

The Vortex circulating pumps BW/BWZ 152/153 are equipped with a spherical motor. In contradistinction to the conventional canned motor, the spherical motor does not have a bearing shaft with gaskets.

1 | Insulating cover

Fits V- and R 1/2"-pump housings, is available as an accessory.

2 | V- / R 1/2"-Pump housing

The Vortex domestic hot water pump is preferably equipped with the V-pump housing where the ball shut-off valve and non-return valve are already integrated in as standard features. Also cap fittings are included with the delivery. With the R 1/2" pump housing (see 1) the non-return valve and the ball shut-off valve have to be installed in addition.

3 | Rotor

The rotor is gimbal-mounted on a bearing pin which is fixed permanently to the spherical separator. This design has crucial advantages:

  • There is only one bearing point.
  • The bearing combination works without play.
  • The bearing-friction is very low.
  • No gaskets needed.

The rotor-bearing is self-adjusting and is lubricated by the flow medium. The rotor can be removed for cleaning.

4 | Spherical motor

The stator creates a rotating magnetic field. The rotor is driven due to its semi-magnetic cove and pumps the water.

When pumps are equipped with motors fitted with cylindrical bearings, the bearings have to be ripped after long idle periods. This action is not necessary in pumps with spherical motors. The spherical motor therefore uses a lower level of electrical power and produces hardly any noise.

5 | Thermostat
  • fixed switching points ON 45° C / OFF 65° C
6 | Cap
7 | Electronic control thermostat ERT
  • switch-off temperature continuously adjustable from 35˚C to 90˚C
  • switch-on temperature 7 K below the switch-off temperature
  • LED as mode indicator
8 | Mechanical Timer Z 152
  • can be rotated through 360˚
  • with 24-hour clock face
  • shortest increment is 15 minutes